UKvisainSerbia provides online (I)migration consulting to clients from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia who want to travel, work, study and live in the UK.
Our basic package includes:

  • Online (I)mmigration Consulting

    Depending on each individual case, we advise you how to properly apply for the desired type of visa. Based on the reasons of your trip and the desired period you plan to stay in the UK, we can determine what type of visa you should apply for. Some UK visas also have subtypes, determined by the reason for the travel to this country.

  • Online Visa Application Form Filling

    Applications for UK visas are completed online via the website forms are different and depend on the type of visa you are applying for. To avoid a risk to fill out and submit an incorrect form, within our professional service, we complete the online application for you.

  • Online Service Payment

    Data processing of applications for UK visa is charged, and the price depends on the type and duration of the visa. Payment is made by credit card online, after online submission of the application. UKvisainSerbia performs a service of payment for all of its clients without any commission, in order to spare them from all additional procedures and possible difficulties.

  • Additional Documents Preparation

    Along with the application form for UK visa, applicants are required to prepare and submit supporting documentation that confirms the facts of the case stated in the application. Supporting documentation varies depending on the case and is of great importance for data processing and making a decision for UK visa. After many years of experience in managing UK Visa Application Centre, our team is trained to expertly advise applicants what documentation is necessary to support a request for UK visa.

  • Professional Translation of Additional Documents

    It is mandatory that all supporting documentation is in English, otherwise the request for UK visa application may be rejected. Our service includes the professional translation of all documents. Translation is an official, stamped and signed by G Solutions Group.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    After completing an online application for UK visa, an appointment should be scheduled for a personal submission of application, supporting documents and biometric data (fingerprints and facial images) in the UK visa Application Centre in Belgrade. Appointments can be scheduled from 8 am to 3 pm every working day, while the desired appointment must be scheduled at least 28 hours prior.

  • Tracking Your Application

    After submitting a request in UK Visa Application Centre, the visa application is sent to the UKVI centre in Warsaw for a decision. Period of application data processing and decision-making can take up to three working weeks and consists of several stages. Our team monitors the status of your application throughout this process, from a submission of your request until a return of your passport in the UK Visa Application Centre in Belgrade.

  • Passport Collection on Your Behalf

    Upon completion of application data processing and making the decision in Warsaw, all passports are sent back to the UK Visa Application Centre in Belgrade. To avoid an additional engagement of our clients, our service includes collecting passports after their return.

  • Passport Delivery Service

    After collecting a passport on your behalf, passport will be delivered to the desired address, regardless of whether it is in Belgrade or not. With the help of courier services, passport arrives to the client the day after its collection from UK Visa Application Centre.

Services of our company include consulting and preparation of UK visa requests. UKvisainSerbia does not guarantee to its clients an approval of visa for the UK. This decision is under exclusive jurisdiction of the UKVI Centre in Warsaw.